Nanny Fi, Online Courses for Toddlers, 3-12 Years

Nanny Fi, Online Courses for Toddlers, 3-12 Years

We have hundreds of courses for adults on the Internet. From Universities to tutorials on YouTube, going through specialized platforms, courses are not lacking. Today we have presented a list of dozens of free online courses to do, and it is just one example of what we can find on the web.

Online Courses for Toddlers

What is not easy to find are courses for young children, courses for 5-year-old boys and girls, for example, to learn to do crafts or develop a specific skill. It is true that on social networks, and on YouTube, there is a lot of content for them of this type, but it is difficult to filter and reach the right content without first going through material that is not so “appropriate”. Thinking about this issue from Nannyfy they decided to get down to work and create a platform for courses for young children.

Available at, with a mobile and web version, we find a collection of courses in different subjects. They are courses and activities of about 30 minutes that can be done live, with the possibility of interaction in the case of the premium plan.

Good use of social networks, sign language, how to create sugar crystals … it is possible to purchase individual courses for about 3 euros, or access all of them with a monthly plan of 23 euros per month that includes 30 days free.

Online Classes for Nannys

The idea is good because if many parents leave their young children with their phones, it is better that they do something productive that helps them learn interesting things, much better than getting lost in the world of immense content on the web or advertisements. unpredictable of certain “infant” games.

There are many issues that must be addressed, yes, since the interaction between children and adults is always a delicate issue, so we always recommend that this type of activities always be done in a group, parents, and children learning things together, with or without a mobile, but if it is to use technology, let’s do it with two fingers in front.

Nannyfy is one of the startups in the investment portfolio of Wayra X, Telef√≥nica’s digital accelerator that was born in 2020 to promote the global growth of digital startups.

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